Charmine Koda

University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences,
(Department of Advanced Social and International Studies, Human Security Doctorate Program):
program withdrawal with satisfaction of credit and enrollment requirements.
Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government:
1992, Masters in Public Administration
University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo: 1979, Bachelor of Arts.

Visiting Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture: 2002-2006
Lecturer, Sacred Heart Joshi Senmon Gakko: Women and Leadership 1996-99
Lecturer, Bunkyo Women's College: Women and Leadership, 1995-96

MEDIA Main Television Programs
Anchor, TV Kanagawa, Zone: Policy Analysis Program, 1994
Co-Anchor, Fuji Television Network, Super Time National News1984-88
Reporter, TV Tokyo The New Industrial Revolution 1982
Co-Host, NHK TV Overseas WeeklyA1980-82

Main Radio Programs
Regular Commentator on the environment, Tokyo FM, 2002-2003
Commentator, Earth Conscious 21, environmental program, Tokyo FM 1999-2001
Host, FM Tokyo, Excellent Time

United Nations
Director, United Nations Information Centre, April 3, 2006-June 2, 2008

Senior Communications Officer, United Nations University, 2001-2004.

PUBLICATIONS (total 11 books, including 5 translations)
People Who Work With the Earth (2002, Tokyo FM Publishing)
Harvard Women-Challenge Beyond the Glass Ceiling (1993, Fusosha)
Awarded the Japan Bungei Award, Grand Prize.
Challenges of a Newcaster (1987 Seishun Publishing)
Awarded the Japan Bungei Award, Special Prize.
Secret of the Primroses, UNESCO Association of Japan, 2008

Leadership Without Easy Answers by Ronald A. Heifetz
(1996, Sanno Daigaku Publishing)

Charmine's Eco-Interview, Globalnet, Environmental Journal, 1996-2001

Board of Directors, The Earth and Water Preservation Foundation
Member of Counsil, Itabashi City, Environmental Education Promotion Council
Board of Directors, Itabashi City, Culture and International Exchange Foundation

The Central Environment Council ,1993-2001
(including membership to 12 committees; sub-committees during the 8 years, e.g. Vice-Chair of Sub-Committee on Environmental Education)
The Forestry Policy Council, 1998-2001
The Ministry of Education: Life-Long Learning Council, 1999-2000
The Ministry of Construction, Road Council, 1996-2001
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries: Council for Rural Development, 2001.
The Ministry of International Trade and Industry: Committee for Basic Concept for Japan's Presentation in EXPO 2005 Aichi, 1999-2001
The Ministry of Labor: Committee for the Advancement of Retirement Age to 65, 1997-1999
The Ministry of Education: Committee to Address Digital Gender Divide, 2000.
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport: Committee on New Methods for Improvement of Road Environment, 1999-2001
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government: Housing Policy Committee,1998-2002
Promotion Council, Itabashi City Children's Foreign Language Study, 2000
Board of Directors, Itabashi City, Culturer and International Exchange Foundation
Vice-Chair, Management Council, Ecopolis Center of Itabashi City, 1997-2001, 2003-2011.

Board of Directors, IGES (Institute of Global Environmental Strategies) 1998-2016
Board of Directors, Global Forum, Foundation for Earth, People and Environment until 2013.
Board of Directors, The Japan Groundwork Foundation until 2012.

Evaluation Board of Assessment, Ministry of Education, Independent Administrative Institutions, 2001-2005
Evaluation Council, Ministry of Environment, Independent Administrative Institutions, 2001
Evaluation Council, Ministry of Agriculture, Sub-Committee for Independent Administrative Institutions, 2001
Policy Affairs Research Expenditure Council, Itabashi City, 2001

Chair of iudge oanel, Yomiuri Newspaper, Children's Essay Contest on the Environment
Chair, Selection Committee for Motto on Community DevelopmentACity Planning Foundation,
(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)

KSG Club of Japan
Former Vice-President, Kennedy School of Government Club of Japan,
from year of establishment until 2019


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